Seeking Compensation After Drunk Driving Accidents


Car accidents happen every day in California. Unfortunately, the United States sees, on average, over 30,000 deaths each year as a result of automobile accidents. In 2013, California contributed 3,000 deaths from automobile accidents. Many crashes and deaths can be avoided if drivers take more caution when driving.

One type of automobile accident that is completely avoidable is one that results from drunk driving. Between 2003 and 2012, just over 10,300 people were killed in automobile accidents due to drunk drivers. Despite the strategies to prevent drunk driving – taxi services, police checkpoints, etc – drunk driving continues to occur on the streets and highways of California

Hit and Run

Drunk drivers do not always stop when they have been in an accident. The perpetrator of a hit and run attempts to flee the scene after an accident, often leaving the person or people hit injured, dead, or dying. If you are seriously injured you may not be able to react quickly following the accident.

Getting Compensation

If you or a family member has been hurt in an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver, receiving compensation for injuries and medical bills is possible. One of the first things you will need to do is to speak to the other driver’s (the drunk driver’s) car insurance company. They may settle with you right away to prevent the case from going any further. The amount of compensation will depend on your injuries, medical bills, and lost wages from work.

When seeking compensation, there are two types of damages you can go after. Special damages recover the money you spent on medical bills, lost in wages or other items you paid for out of pocket due to the accident. The other is general damages, including physical, mental, and emotional pain you may have experienced following the drunk driving accident.

DWI or DUI Convictions

According to insurance experts, many car insurance providers will settle a claim before it goes to court. Due to the publicity and the potential amount the company may have to pay in compensation, the insurance provider will want to offer you a promising settlement as soon as possible. Insurance experts say that companies will pay large settlements out of court because the possibility of paying even more if it goes to court scares them.

Be Safe

Remember that drunk driving accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. For example, two California women are suing San Francisco-based company Lyft after a driver was allegedly drunk while driving them. The Lyft driver caused an accident when he made an illegal left hand turn. The women both suffered contusions, lacerations, and aches and pains. One of the women stated that she even suffered a heart attack after the incident.

Strassburg, Gilmore and Wei can Help

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