Poor Construction Materials Can End Lives


When a company “willfully” disregards construction designs, it is a recipe for disaster. In 2015, a balcony in Berkeley, California collapsed due to construction faults. The balcony collapse killed six people and severely injured another seven individuals. The company at fault for the collapsed balcony, Segue Construction of Pleasanton, had its contractor’s license terminated in April.

When companies like Segue use poor or substandard building materials, it leaves the lives of innocent people and construction workers at risk.

Repeating Past Mistakes

Segue is currently going through wrongful death lawsuits due to the results of the collapsed balcony. The deaths of the individuals in Berkeley could have been prevented had Segue learned from previous lawsuits. Prior to the collapsed balcony, the Segue company had settled two lawsuits for $6.5 million combined. The two lawsuits were based on balconies installed by Segue “rotting prematurely.” Those cases were settled in the two years prior to the Berkeley balcony collapse.

The company had a reputation for constructing poor quality buildings and balconies. Unfortunately, the lawsuits in 2013 and 2014 did not stop the company from constructing the balcony that lead to the death of six people in Berkeley.

Catastrophic Injury and Wrongful Death

The collapsing of a public building or rented home can cause catastrophic injury or death. In the case of the students in Berkeley, the accident is not only one that could have been avoided, but it was one that was caused by contractor error.

Many injured individuals must undergo long-term treatment to recover from major injury from a building collapse. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the court has just reached a $227m settlement for a 2013 building collapse that injured 12 and killed seven.

The building that came down was being demolished, however, during the work it collapsed prematurely. In the end, it crumpled into the Salvation Army Thrift Store nearby. One local woman was trapped under the debris for hours and was found in the nick of time. Since the collapse, she has undergone hours of surgeries to recover from her injuries.

Negligent Construction

When a company is building or demolishing a project, the organizations in charge must follow specific criteria when completing the work. If construction companies or contractors do not follow the required guidelines, accidents can happen.

If dangerous construction is taking place in an area, like the Philadelphia building collapse, the construction company must inform the local businesses. If something happens and the businesses knowingly allow people in when an accident occurs, then that business can be held liable, too.

When a contractor fails to take the correct measures in building, maintaining or securing a construction area, it allows them to be held liable. Anyone who is injured or loses a loved one due to contractor error can file a lawsuit against the contractor or company in charge of the work.

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