Cycling Accidents Killed More than 800 People in 2015


Cycling is a fun and healthy activity that millions across America enjoy. Here in California, people cycle to work, school, or other various activities each day. While cyclists may think they are taking precautions when pedaling to their destination, danger can lie around every corner on California’s roads. Due to automobile drivers often being unable to see cyclists until it is too late, more than 800 deaths occurred from drivers hitting cyclists in the United States during 2015. Since 2006, cyclist deaths have increased in the US as more people have chosen to take up the activity.

Why are Cyclists Hit by Automobiles?

One of the major reasons that cyclists are hit by automobiles is that many cities across the US do not have designated cycling lanes. In 2017, Los Angeles agreed to pay $4.5 million to the family of a cyclist who was thrown off his bicycle due to uneven pavement. The cyclist, Edgardo Gabat, died from his injuries. Of course, he was riding on a street where there were no cycling lanes, although the area was called a safe-cycle street.

Gabat’s death was not caused by an automobile, but rather the uneven pavement. Cities need to add proper cycling areas to their streets to ensure bicycle safety.

The Rise of Hit and Run Accidents

The Los Angeles area has seen a rise over the last few years of hit and run accidents between automobiles and cyclists. Between 2002 and 2012, 36 people around LA were killed in hit and run accidents. Often, it is easy for a person to drive away after hitting a cyclist if there are few witnesses around. Another reason hit and run accidents with cyclists can occur is due to the drivers not realizing they have hit someone at all. The driver’s vehicle may be quote large or the driver’s vision may be impaired in some way while driving.

California is Deadly for Cyclists

According to reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, California is No. 1 in cycling deaths in the US. The state’s cities still have a long way to go to make their streets and bike paths completely safe. Earlier this year, a video emerged that was shot on a Go Pro camera mounted on a cyclist in which four riders where nearly killed during a ride near Jamestown, California. Although none were killed, all were injured as they were thrown from their bikes. The video proved that the driver was the one at fault in the accident, and today more and more cyclists are wearing Go Pro cameras to prove that drivers are at fault for accidents.

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