Textbook Examples of Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful death lawsuits make headlines every day, and the tragic deaths that lead to these cases can often easily be prevented. A wrongful death takes place due to someone’s negligence or when someone’s violent act causes another person, or people, to die. Loved ones can seek compensation and damages for the death of an individual who has died at the hands of another person. Depending on the circumstances, the damages can reach into the millions. Whether or not the damages will ever be paid is another story.

O.J. Simpson v. Family of Ron Goldman

O.J. Simpson versus the family of Ron Goldman is the most famous wrongful death case in modern United States history. Simpson was found not guilty of murdering former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Goldman in October of 1995. Despite the verdict that freed Simpson, the family of Goldman filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the former football player. The families of the deceased were awarded more than $30 million in damages and compensation. According to reports, the families only received an estimated $500,000 after Simpson’s property was sold.

WWE v. Hart Family

The WWE is a multinational, billion dollar company that produces wrestling events, films, and merchandise. The WWE has been around since the 1960s, when it was first known as World Wide Wrestling Federation and was merely a regional entertainment company. Today, it is the top dog in the wrestling-entertainment genre. In May of 1999, the company was at one of its darkest hours when performer Owen Hart fell to his death during a stunt that saw him repel from the ceiling of Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri. The accident was witnessed by thousands in the building and millions watching on pay-per-view saw the aftermath of the accident. The Hart Family took the WWE and chairman Vince McMahon to court in a wrongful death lawsuit following Owen’s death. The WWE had originally attempted to settle out of court for a reported $93m; however, the family decided to go to court. Unfortunately for the family, they were award just $2m, and part of that money went to court fees.

The Death of Michael Jackson

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, died in June 2009. Music fans around the world mourned the death of the singer, who died of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication. Just over a year later, Jackson’s father, Joe, filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed against Dr. Conrad Murray, the man who had been prescribing medication to Jackson. The doctor had given Jackson medication to cure his insomnia, despite neither propofol nor benzodiazepine being used to aid sleep. Jackson’s father won the case, but Murray is reportedly in debt and cannot pay the fee awarded to the family.

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