Venus Williams in Wrongful Death Case


In June, tennis star Venus Williams was involved in a fatal auto accident that took the life of 78-year-old Jerome Barson. The accident occurred in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida after Williams drove through a red light. Barson was riding in a car driven by Linda Barson, and the pair proceeded through the intersection after the light had turned green. Williams’ SUV slammed into the Barsons’ automobile, causing a number of injuries to those inside.

Aftermath of the Auto Accident

Jerome Barson was taken to the hospital, but died 14 days after the accident. Upon his death, the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Williams for her negligent driving. According to police reports, the Barsons’ automobile could not avoid hitting Williams’ SUV as the tennis star drove through the red light.

Jerome Barson reportedly died of internal bleeding, a fractured spine, and internal organ damage that was obtained in the collision.

Wiliams’ Explanation

According to the police report, Williams was driving at five miles per hour when she hit the Barsons’ car. She told police that she hadn’t run a red light, but had entered the intersection when it was green. The traffic in front of her SUV had forced her to slow and stop, causing her to be in the intersection when the light went red.

Is Williams at Fault?

To prove that Williams is at fault in a criminal case, it must be shown that she actions constituted reckless or wanton conduct. However, that may not be the case in this incident, and by reports, it would appear that this was merely an unfortunate accident that caused the death of Jerome Barson.

In this situation, there are some things that seem a little hazy about the circumstances of the collision. One of the problems with Williams’ statement has to do with her explanation of the other traffic causing her to stop. Why did this happen and why could she not get herself out of the problem without causing an accident?

Williams’ negligence in the case, if proven, may have caused the loss of a life. If found guilty, Williams may be forced to pay a large sum to the Barson family. Williams’ net worth is claimed to be $75 million, and a verdict in favor of the family could see her paying out a large sum. According to one expert on the case, however, the insurance company that covers Williams should cover the lawsuit payments. Many also believed that the tennis star will be able to settle out of court for less than what could be won if the case goes before a judge.

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