OJ Simpson Unlikely to Pay Back $58 Million Wrongful Death Verdict

OJ Simpson was on top of the world at one time, and then things unraveled. Simpson was acquitted of murdering ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, but was later found guilty in the subsequent wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Goldman family. The family of Ronald Goldman has received little in the way of the compensation they were owed by Simpson in winning the verdict.

The former NFL player may not have done time for murder, but he has now completed nine years in prison for a botched robbery attempt. Simpson is set to walk from a Nevada prison in October, after being granted parole by the prison’s parole board. It did not take much persuasion as the four parole commissioners voted 4-0 to release the former Buffalo Bills’ running back.

Reflecting on the Wrongful Death Case

Simpson still owes the Goldman family and others millions of dollars. Simpson was ordered to pay $33 million in compensation and damages. Nearly all of that figure has gone unpaid. The money that has been paid came from Simpson’s possessions that were auctioned off.

According to Reuters, now that Simpson is a free man, he owes the Goldman family $58 million due to interest on the original sum. Simpson is said to be broke financially, but is he really?

Simpson’s Financial State

Reports indicate that Simpson’s financial situation is unclear. However little money it is suspected he has from paying legal fees back in 1995, it is believed that he has a pension from both the NFL and the Screen Actors Guild. The unfortunate news for the Goldman family is the money Simpson receives in pensions cannot be used to pay off the wrongful death lawsuit. The money is untouchable, and if it is substantial, Simpson – who is now 70 – can spend the rest of his life in comfort.

How Much Money does Simpson Have?

This is the million-dollar question. ESPN NFL experts believe that Simpson should make over $10,000 in NFL pension a month. That is, if he did not begin collecting while in prison when he turned 65. That money cannot be claimed by the wrongful death lawsuit, which means Simpson still will not have to pay a dime if it is his only income.

In addition, Simpson will collect social security on top of his pensions, which is untouchable. There is also the likelihood that Simpson invested into a private pension during his days as an actor and TV football analyst. This could pay millions.

Simpson is likely to live a very comfortable life without ever having to pay back one more cent in money owed from the wrongful death lawsuit.

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